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Unexpected Inspiration – Loie Fuller Meets Our Twilight Room

We have had some great feedback on our twilight room – “inspiring,” “energetic,” and “unique” are just some of the descriptors used by admirers. One of the key features of this space is the stunning artwork - two pieces which also served as great inspirations for the space. Each have distinct shapes and forms, which stand almost frozen, drawing the viewer in to catch a glimpse of each intricate detail before it erupts in motion once more.

The artwork on the top right entitled “Pink Elena” features model Elena Sudakova swathed in billowing blush fabric.

The artwork on the top left entitled “Widows of Culloden Organza Dress” elegantly displays the genius of Alexander McQueen with an ivory silk organza dress. The dress, originally worn by Kate Moss wrapped her in rippling fluid texture as she delighted onlookers in an unexpected hologram in McQueen’s Autumn/Winter 2006 fall fashion show.

Both pieces have distinct shapes and forms, which stand almost frozen, drawing the viewer in to catch a glimpse of each intricate detail before it erupts in motion once more. This got us thinking…if these pieces were our inspirations – what inspirations might Sundsbø have had?

Lastly, let us present Loie Fuller (the bottom image). This young woman from a suburb of Chicago burst onto the Paris art nouveau scene with a truly unforgettable and mesmerizing display of dance, theatre and color. Her revolutionary approach is an obvious inspiration to both Sundsbø and McQueen…and we’re not surprised. Her Serpentine dance amongst others is a true delight to watch and we’re pretty sure that her inspirations won’t stop here.

Enjoy the live version of Loie Fuller’s Serprentine Dance below.

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Trending: Going Global

We’re currently working on a fun project that includes a play room – it definitely gets the inner kid inside you to come out and PLAY! What would both kids and parents want to see in such a room? As we scoured for inspiration we saw one common theme : globes, maps and airplanes- which is now our inspiration for the play room we’re designing. Our collection of vintage globes along with maps of our clients’ favorite destinations have us prepared for this fun space. We’re also going so far as to decoupage some of these vintage globes with stenciled letters and cute images of animals to add a touch of a unique custom quality, and lastly adding on airplane wall decals for extra fun…

What trends are you seeing in play rooms these days?

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Join Us on Pinterest!

If you’re like us – you’re constantly tearing out pages from magazines. Inspirational images for our home or our clients are most often piled high, scanned to the desktop or pinned to a cork board. Well, it was a little out of control at the office until we found the beloved Pinterest. Ever since we signed up it's been heaven – no more binders of images we can't find.

Pinterest allows us to pull images for any and every site we come across while researching design projects and then categorize them into neat little "boards" within our Pinterest. account. For the neat and organized out there - this is the place for you.

So start pinning and follow us!

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Whether we are engaged in a full-scale remodel or customizing a furniture piece for a store client, our goal is to provide a well-conceived, functional design plan that can be implemented in a time frame, budget and style consistent with the client's desires. We take pride in doing our work well and in enjoying the process.

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