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2950 Vallejo Street, SF

"Our team had the pleasure of staging the living room at 2950 Vallejo Street for an event featuring one of the Founders of -- the fantastic new neighborhood social networking website. We worked with our good friends, Max Armour and Malin Giddings from SF Properties ( to create a room that felt both elegant and modern. We found some incredible pieces for the space -- I especially loved the antlers with the gilded skull -- elegant taxidermy! Check out the room above and contact us if you are interested in any of the pieces."

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Hope you enjoy this guest blog post from Jennifer Orne, a Senior Designer at my firm. Love her perspective on nature and how it inspires design!

Working with the landscape and not “making a mark” on nature is the point of Andy Goldsworthy's work. I have been obsessed with his ingenious approach to sculpture and photography for years. Creating forms from natural materials such as stones, sticks, leaves, snow, and ice; these outdoor sculptures temporarily survive and then eventually disappear due to the whims of nature.

Here in San Francisco he has installed such works as “Drawn Stone” for the entry courtyard of San Francisco's De Young Museum, which echoes San Francisco's frequent earthquakes and their effects; here also is a work titled “Spire and Wood Line” which is inspired by the Presidio’s historic forest. I am constantly inspired by nature and find great joy by spending my free time hiking in the nearby national parks. I find fascinating color combinations that inspire design color palettes - based on a vignette of moss and tree bark, fallen leaves covering the forest floor, and river rocks strewn about by the bank of a creek. Nature is my muse and Andy completely epitomizes all that I find perfect in this world.

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Ahhhh….it’s Valentine’s season again. I say “season” because, like Halloween, it’s no longer just a day, but really a month-long marketing event. That said, love is surely something to be celebrated, so I say…dive in! Valentine’s reminds me of two important decorating points I’ll elaborate on here: 1. The color red, in small doses, can be divine. 2. Nothing livens up a house more than fresh flowers. RED I truly love color –and all its transformative powers. And the color red, in particular, can take a room from zero to sixty. However, much as I love it, I have found after many years of trial and error that red works best when injected very thoughtfully in small doses. Bright red cording on a pillow, pinky-red trim on a curtain, rusty red interwoven in a herringbone rug. Of course, if a client really loves red, we’ll find a way to make a bigger statement with it that works. And this is all about finding the exact right shade of red, as the undertone color that can completely change the feel. FLOWERS I used to think of flowers as an indulgence – the perfect touch at the end of an installation for a client, but not necessarily for my own day-to-day life. But, I’ve changed my tune. Fresh flowers can instantly pull a room together and make it feel special, so why not have them all of the time? Even in the midst of my boys’ piles of homework and the other detritus of our daily lives, I find that a vase of beautiful fresh flowers just makes our house feel like a well-loved home. So, long after Valentine’s season ends (right around when Easter season cranks up!), I hope you’ll keep brightening your home with touches of red and beautiful fresh flowers.

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At Kendall Wilkinson Interior Design, we believe in the power of great design. We share a passion for the sophisticated, the delightfully unexpected, and making the old new again. Our mission is to inspire and enrich our clients' lives by creating artful, timeless, and fulfilling personal spaces.

Over nearly twenty years, Kendall Wilkinson Design & Home has successfully managed hundreds of full-scale interior design projects. Our tight-knit team of nine is well-educated in interior design and interior architecture, furniture design, project management, communications, and finance. Our designers are trained in a variety of styles, from classical to contemporary, formal to playful, and are experts in creating authentic period looks or mixing modern pieces with older gems.

Whether we are engaged in a full-scale remodel or customizing a furniture piece for a store client, our goal is to provide a well-conceived, functional design plan that can be implemented in a time frame, budget and style consistent with the client's desires. We take pride in doing our work well and in enjoying the process.

Our core services include: