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Natural Tones

As designers, we often hear the terms “colors of nature” or “natural tones”. Using conventional associations, the mind’s eye usually conjures hues of beige, oatmeal and sage, which can be a little humdrum. Why not reframe the way we think in design? Nature creates swoon-worthy colors from precious stones to plants to animal life. These tones originate from our natural world as fiery magenta, cobalt, citrine, fuchsia, and aqua tones among others. We often use these colors to adorn ourselves, but they look equally lovely adorning an otherwise dull interior. That is why I love the “natural tones” of Manuel Canovas’ newest fabric collection - rich with all the colors that nature has gifted us. Washing a wall of cabinets in a high gloss jewel toned lacquer, or putting a peacock silk pillow on a cream sofa adds a level of drama and sophistication that is chic and still totally natural.

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