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Lake Como is Breathtaking

Savoring precious moments with family and friends on holiday along the shores
of Lake Como in Italy.

This very narrow lake, with its pastel villages and Romanesque architecture, is breathtaking. The still waters, the angle of the sails, and the cloud-enshrouded mountains are magical.

It shouldn’t surprise me, yet it does, that seeing a sunrise over a vast body of water,
in a far away place, reminds me of home. I adore the Bay Area and the many sunrises
and sunsets that have informed my designs throughout the years.

Can’t wait to dive back in. Ciao belli amici!

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Hope you enjoy this guest blog post from Jennifer Orne, a Senior Designer at my firm. Love her perspective on nature and how it inspires design!

Working with the landscape and not “making a mark” on nature is the point of Andy Goldsworthy's work. I have been obsessed with his ingenious approach to sculpture and photography for years. Creating forms from natural materials such as stones, sticks, leaves, snow, and ice; these outdoor sculptures temporarily survive and then eventually disappear due to the whims of nature.

Here in San Francisco he has installed such works as “Drawn Stone” for the entry courtyard of San Francisco's De Young Museum, which echoes San Francisco's frequent earthquakes and their effects; here also is a work titled “Spire and Wood Line” which is inspired by the Presidio’s historic forest. I am constantly inspired by nature and find great joy by spending my free time hiking in the nearby national parks. I find fascinating color combinations that inspire design color palettes - based on a vignette of moss and tree bark, fallen leaves covering the forest floor, and river rocks strewn about by the bank of a creek. Nature is my muse and Andy completely epitomizes all that I find perfect in this world.

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Berlin Adventures

Building off my latest experience with travel, I thought I would take the opportunity to share another recent journey that one of my design assistants enjoyed over the holidays. Chelsi Liddell just took an inspirational trip to Berlin and had the following to say about it: “Being in Berlin was an incredible experience – the city is truly a cutting-edge mecca for art and design. There is a real understated strength in this city. In walking all over, I was astounded to see how in one moment you are surrounded by ornate German architecture and then you turn the corner to find an equally beautiful, but minimal, raw space. I can’t wait to go back! Here are my top three places to visit in Berlin: 1. Neues Museum – A historical museum in ruins receives an exciting re-interpretation from David Chipperfield and houses an impressive art collection. 2. Neighborhood: Charlottenburg – quaint tree lined streets and great shopping on Tauentzienstraße and Kurfurstendamm 3. Food: Opt for the quintessentially authentic currywurst or the acclaimed Reinstoff

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Yin and Yang

Happy New Year! It feels like it is definitely back to business this week – but with a true break and a wonderful vacation under my belt, I am feeling refreshed and ready for it. After a very busy year, I was reminded anew of how critical it is to find balance in life. To work hard but take time to play. To indulge and enjoy great food and wine, but also make time for exercise and salad! To create bold interiors that have quiet corners. To balance clean modernity within classically scaled spaces. The yin and the yang, if you will! I went to Europe over the holidays, and without work on my mind, I was astounded at how I was able to see and experience so much with new eyes. I’ve attached some pictures of beautiful colors that caught my eye along the way. So, here’s to balance in the new year and to taking time to stop and smell the roses…and see the colors! All the best, Kendall

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Travel: Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Travel always brings inspiration. I just got back from a weekend jaunt to Jackson Hole, Wyoming and let me tell you – it was exactly what my mind and body needed. It was inspiring on many different levels from the air to the colors of the sky to the texture of the mountains and trees. Words don’t give it justice, but it was a vibrant reminder to take design cues from nature. The Grand Tetons provide the dramatic focal point, surrounded by layers of quiet beauty, set to the backdrop of a big sky. So similar to what we try to create in our designs -- pulling in styles from different periods and cultures, layering colors and textures to create a beautifully assembled canvas for living.

To top it off, we spent a few days fly fishing – you heard me right. I never knew how peaceful and serene fishing could be with the water running below my legs and nothing but beauty all around. Now that I’m back in San Francisco, I’m reminding myself of everything I took in and the important connection between nature and design. If you’re looking for a getaway – Jackson Hole is the place to go.

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At Kendall Wilkinson Interior Design, we believe in the power of great design. We share a passion for the sophisticated, the delightfully unexpected, and making the old new again. Our mission is to inspire and enrich our clients' lives by creating artful, timeless, and fulfilling personal spaces.

Over nearly twenty years, Kendall Wilkinson Design & Home has successfully managed hundreds of full-scale interior design projects. Our tight-knit team of nine is well-educated in interior design and interior architecture, furniture design, project management, communications, and finance. Our designers are trained in a variety of styles, from classical to contemporary, formal to playful, and are experts in creating authentic period looks or mixing modern pieces with older gems.

Whether we are engaged in a full-scale remodel or customizing a furniture piece for a store client, our goal is to provide a well-conceived, functional design plan that can be implemented in a time frame, budget and style consistent with the client's desires. We take pride in doing our work well and in enjoying the process.

Our core services include: